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...Doc MacLean does another cool 100 across western Canada and Southern Africa...

Photo Credit: Robin Auld

Saturday, July 17, 2021

The Hustle is On: Booking into Five Countries


Yeah, baby. The Hustle is on as I settle in to book about a hundred shows across five countries. Some are in Covid crisis, and others are on fire. On fire. This Great Burning is not about purification: it's about an environment in crisis: it's about greed finally bursting into open flames, sucking up hopes and dreams in a horrid roar. It's about having and not having, the bitter fruits of retribution, and the wings of change.

But the Tour. The Tour. Looking ahead: song lines and dream lines. I'm looking at the horizon and planning for a better future. The shows are trickling in now now, and it's all about hope. Let's make a plan, let's book a date.

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